Dear Zoo

Today we shared an old favourite, Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. We talked about the pet that we would choose, made class graphs and wrote letters to the zoo asking for a pet.


We have also been sorting animals by different criteria e.g.g stripes/no stripes, orange/grey/different colour, horns/no horns.

Our Wow Cloud -Nursery


Scarlett W – Was a great help outside at tidy up time when it came to putting away the large bricks.
Summer – Created a lovely colourful painting.
Kendal – Was so caring towards a child who was upset. She gave them a hug, fetched a tissue and then wiped their tears away independently.
Harry, Dexter & Oliver – Independently chose to go in the reading room and look at books.
Phoebe – Kindly helped her friend complete the obstacle course when they were a little scared by holding their hand.


Arctic Animals -Nursery

Happy New Year and welcome back to Nursery.
Over this half term our topic will be ‘animals’. Over the coming weeks the children will be learning about different animals such as, farm animals, jungle animals, animals we see at the zoo and pets. This week we have been learning about artic animals such as polar bears and penguins through stories, activities and film clips. The children also learnt some artic animal number songs and a penguin song and dance routine. Here you can see us painting our hands to create penguin and polar bear pictures.

The children used the large community play bricks, wooden blocks and the crates to make igloos.

For our special snack this week we had ice pops. We have been learning that the Arctic is very cold!

We have also been practising writing our names and matching numerals to quantities.

Reception -three ideas for homework this weekend.

  • Numeracy – we have been learning how to recognise different coins. You will need one of each coin 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2. Discuss the colours (copper, silver, gold) and the shape and size of each coin.  Ask your child to find each coin, then let them ask you.  You might also like to set up a shop and practise paying for different amounts.  If necessary just use 1p coins for this.  Be careful not to call all coins “pennies” as this can confuse children.
  • The World – talk about how to look after a pet. If you have a pet of your own write a list or draw a picture of what it needs. If you don’t have a pet, interview a family member or friend to find out about theirs.
  • Speaking and Listening: We have been learning about the resolutions (promises) which people make at the start of a New Year.  We came up with some good ideas such as try more healthy foods, go swimming, keep our bedrooms tidy, help our mums and dads with jobs, read every day, be kind to our brothers and sisters, be on time for school.  Talk about your resolutions as a family.

From next week we would like reception children to come into the porch by themselves in the morning and hang up their own coats and bags. Please support us with this and help the children to become more independent. Many thanks.

Rainbow Challenge

This week we introduced the Rainbow Challenge to children in reception. Every day there is a new coloured challenge for the children to try. Monday – red, Tuesday – orange, Wednesday – yellow, Thursday – green, Friday – blue. The children can choose to try the challenge by themselves in their own way. If they complete it they have to add the correct coloured stick to their envelope on the wall. On Friday the teachers check and any child who has all five coloured sticks in the envelope will receive a prize. This might be a certificate, a sticker, a disco…the list is endless! The children really have to be independent and think carefully in order to complete the challenges.

Our Pet Shop

This week we shared a brilliant story called “The Great Pet Sale” by Mick Inkpen. In this story a little boy has exactly £1.00 to spend at the pet shop. He sees all kinds of animals, including a rat with half of his whiskers missing! The rat is desperate to be chosen…ask us to tell you what happened.

We also shared the story “A new dog” which told us about how Floppy came to live with Biff, Chip and Kipper. Which dog would you choose as a pet?

We have been working very hard to create our new role play area which is a pet shop. It is very popular!

Happy Christmas!

The EYFS staff would like to thank all parents and carers for their support this term. The children have been fantastic and have made lots of progress. We hope they have enjoyed school as much as we have.

We would also like to wish you all the very best for Christmas and New Year – a magical time for young children; enjoy it whilst they are small! Thank you for all the lovely cards, gifts and kind words.

There is no homework for reception children over the holidays, but we do ask that you read your reading books and share lots of story books together. After the holidays our new reception role play area will be a pet shop. If anyone has anything useful such as pet food boxes, please save them and bring them in. Thank you.

Have a great break everyone! School reopens on Monday 8th January – see you then!