Children in Need 2017

We all looked fantastic in our spots, bright clothes and Pudsey gear today!


This morning Reception and Nursery joined together for a little assembly to celebrate Children in Need.  We talked about where our money goes and who Pudsey helps.  We read this Pudsey story book together: pudsey story book

Then we had great fun learning the Cbeebies Children in Need dance.  To join in with the dance again at home click here.

Reception – three ideas for homework this weekend.

    • Personal Development: This week was anti-bullying week and we have been thinking about being kind. Do something kind for a member of your family – you can choose what to do.
    • Numeracy: Practise using the language “more” and “fewer.” You could use anything in your house for this e.g. pieces of dry pasta, pennies (must be pennies rather than a mix of coins to avoid any misconceptions.) Make two sets of objects and ask your child – which set has more? Which set has fewer? Let your child be the teacher and ask you the questions too. You could also put out one set of objects and ask your child to put out the other set – can you put out more? Can you put out fewer? Can you make each set have the same amount?
    • Literacy: Now World Nursery Rhyme Week is over we would like you to share your favourite rhyme(s) with your family. The bbc nursery rhymes website is brilliant.

Next week is Road Safety week and we will be walking to the top of Clare Street to conduct a traffic survey on Ashton Road. We will be learning how to cross the road safely. The children will be in groups of half a class at a time and will be accompanied by two adults. If you have any questions please ask Miss Zauscinski or Miss Biglin.

Anti-Bullying Week – The Smartest Giant in Town

After reading the story The Hungry Giant we talked about how he was a bully, then today we read the story The Smartest Giant in Town and realised he was a lot nicer!

He gave all his smart clothes to different animals to help them out when they were in need, including his shirt to make a sail for the goat’s boat. Using different materials, we made our own boats with a sail and tested them in water to see if they would float!


We also did some fantastic writing about the giant in the story, some of us wrote about when he was scruffy and some of us wrote about when he was smart!


Anti-Bullying Week – The Hungry Giant

Today we shared a story called The Hungry Giant.  The giant in the story is not very kind.  We decided that he is a bully because he threatens to hurt people if they do not do what he says, and he repeats this mean behaviour over and over again.  Luckily at the end of the story he learns his lesson.  Ask us to tell you what happens.

In the story the giant demands bread, butter and honey.  We made our own honey sandwiches.  Some of us had never tasted honey before!


In the mud kitchen we explored how we could make a meal for a hungry giant.


Look at our super writing!


World Nursery Rhyme Week – Bobby Shafto

Every day this week we are learning a new rhyme for World Nursery Rhyme.  Today the rhyme is “Bobby Shafto” – not many of us knew the song already.  If you would like to sing it again at home use the pictures below to help you.


Who is Bobby Shafto?  How do you know?  What does he look like?  Where is he going?  Who is singing the rhyme?  What does lasses mean?

We had fun colouring in pictures of Bobby Shafto and using playdough mats which matched the rhyme.