Three ideas for homework this weekend – Reception

  • PSHE: Practise putting your coat on by yourself. Do you know what to do if a sleeve is inside out? Can you fasten your coat too?
  • Phonics: Which objects can you find in your house that begin with the letter s? Stick a ‘s’ label on them or collect them together and take a photograph/draw a picture. (You could also do this for the letters a/t/p/i/n.)
  • Numeracy: Clap slowly between 1-10 times and ask your child to count how many claps.

Next week reception will be dismissed at 3.15 in line with the rest of the school. Thank you.

N is for Numicon

We have enjoyed exploring the numicon today. We use numicon to help us with our number work.

N is also for Noah and we shared the bible story Noah’s Ark. We have been working hard to make a lovely Noah’s Ark display for our classroom… watch this space.

Jeans for Genes

Wear JEANS tomorrow, Friday 22nd September to support Genetic Disorders UK. Our school donation will help to change the world for children with genetic disorders£1 donation. Children should wear their school jumper as usual.


Reception children will be having their first PE lesson tomorrow. Please make sure that long hair is tied back and that earrings are removed or covered with plasters.

Please note that children in Early Years will not be taking part in languages week next week and should wear school uniform on Monday as usual.

T is for toast and tigers

Today we have been learning about the letter T. We enjoyed making toast and after sharing the story ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’ we had a tiger tea party.


Great Homework – Reception

Thank you to everyone who sent homework this week. You can send pictures through social media or to our email address Videos can be sent through social media and viewed but not saved, so if you wish for a video to appear on the blog it must be emailed. Children can also bring homework to school and we will take photos for you.


Nursery News

Lending Library.
Dear Parents/Carers,
From Monday 18th September we will be starting our Lending Library to encourage children’s love of reading and stories. This year we want to offer the children the opportunity to take a new book home EVERY DAY! Once you have shared the book at home you can simply return it and receive another book.
If your child does not return the previous book then they cannot take another home, until the other book is returned.  Thank you

On Monday 18th September can you please send your child to their carpet area after they have put their coats and bags on their peg so we can start the nursery session.