H is for Harvest, Hedgehog and Hopscotch!

Today we were learning about the letter H.

We made hedgehogs in lots of different ways… we used iPads to draw them, made a collage using leaves and also made them out of playdough, with straws to create the spikes! We took our own photos of our playdough creations before they were dismantled!


We also watched “Come Outside” in order to find out more about these interesting animals.

Hopscotch was popular today. Some of us enjoyed creating our own hopscotch grids with chalk.

We all looked fantastic in our autumn colours. This morning reception children went to the Harvest assembly in the hall, which was conducted by St. Mary’s church. Our teachers were very proud of us because we listened beautifully. We performed a song in front of everyone in the hall! Thank you for your very generous donations towards our Harvest festival.


  1. What a fantastic song, Maisie really enjoyed Harvest day.

  2. A lovely performance. The leaves are great twirling all around. Fantastic hedgehogs too!

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