The Gruffalo – Nursery

Our topic for the term is ‘STICKS’.

This week we learnt all about nocturnal animals and their homes. During group time sessions we discussed that in nature, an animal that is mainly active during the daylight hours is a ‘diurnal’ animal. An animal that is most active during the night is ‘nocturnal’.

One of the children’s favourite stories was ‘The Gruffalo’. They enjoyed engaging in activities relating to this story. Outside the children went on a Gruffalo hunt to find the story characters that were hidden around the environment, which they then marked off on their sheets once they had found them.
With wooden bricks the children made some fantastic different sized 3D homes for the each of the animals.
Inside some of the children got creative with the junk modelling materials to construct a simple representation of a Gruffalo.


The children made their own special snack from the story – ‘Scrambled Snake’. (Jelly and jellied snake sweets). They got to see the changes that occurred when the jelly went from a liquid and then once set had become a solid.


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