Christmas Party – Nursery

We had a brilliant morning playing games, dancing and eating our party food.  Didn’t we all look lovely in our party clothes?  Thank you to Father Christmas who made a special visit to nursery.


Christmas Party Day – Reception

We all looked wonderful in our party clothes.  In the morning we enjoyed playing games and dancing in the classroom.  In the afternoon we went into the hall for a disco.  We played pass the parcel, enjoyed party food and we even had a visit from Father Christmas who gave us ANOTHER present!  We are very lucky boys and girls!


Our Wow Cloud – Nursery


Sophie – Has grown in confidence, which showed when she stood up and sang a song in front of everyone in nursery. Fantastic!
Layla-Grace – Has been practising writing her name at home. super!
Charlotte – Remembered all the words to the rhyme ‘Bobby Shafto’ from nursery rhyme week and sang it clearly to everyone. Well Done!
Archie – Was fab at rhyming words. Super!
Oliver – Confidently and very clearly sang a Christmas song all the way through to everyone in nursery. Super Singing!
Harry – Was great at identifying long and short sounds. Well Done!
Phoebe – Was confident enough to be the first one to get up on stage in front of everyone in nursery and sang a song to them. Fantastic!



It’s Show Time! – Nursery

Nursery has been all about performing this week. We had our wonderful Sing Along and we were a well behaved audience at the Reception nativity dress rehearsal.

The children also put on a show for each other. They really enjoyed getting on the stage and singing songs and rhymes to everyone. What talented children we have in nursery!  Well Done everyone!


Reception – three ideas for homework this weekend

  • Numeracy – Order numbers to 20.  Hide a number and see if your child can say which one is missing and how they know e.g. it’s 16 because it comes before 17.
  • Writing – spell/write the following cvc words: hat, pin, bed, dog, sun, man, leg, zip, job, bug.
  • Phonics – can you think of a Christmas word for every letter of the alphabet?

Reminders – it is our party day on Monday.  Please wear party clothes and bring a 50p donation for a snack.

Reminder – Reception Nativity

Our Nativity performances are tomorrow.

Class RZ – 9.30am Please be on time for school so that we can get you all changed and make a prompt start.  Parents/carers may drop children off and then go straight to the hall if they wish.  Enter through the studio.

Class RB – 2.00pm  Doors will open at approximately 1.40  We are unable to open any earlier due to the hall being used for lunchtime.  Please enter through the studio.  When the performance has finished you will be asked to leave through the studio and children will be dismissed through the reception doors as usual once they are changed.

Some children will have socks/tights on show tomorrow.  It would help us greatly if all children wore plain (not patterned) socks/tights.  Some children will be wearing a headdress so please keep hairstyles simple.  Many thanks.  Don’t forget your tickets!  Refreshments will be available at a small charge.

It is also Christmas Jumper day tomorrow.  Children can wear anything Christmassy and there is no need to wear uniform.

Nursery Sing Along

Thank you to the parents and carers who came to watch our Christmas Sing Along. We hope that you enjoyed it! All the teachers were very proud of the nursery children who sang and danced their hearts out. Well done!