Our Wow Cloud – Nursery


Joshua, Sophie, Harry & Amelia M – Were able to recognise their name.
Summer – Recognised indoor and outdoor environmental sounds during her phonics sessions.
Phoebe & Oliver – Were fantastic at writing their own names.
Charlie – Built some fantastic dens for the animals with the wooden blocks outside.
Ryan – At home enjoyed making a volcano and watching it erupt.
Charlie, Phoebe, Maxwell & Olivia – Made a friendship, held hands and all played beautifully together outside during their free flow play session.


Can you help? If out and about could you kindly collect some sticks/twigs for us to use for various activities we will be doing throughout this term.  Many thanks.


Remembrance Day – Nursery

We have been learning about Remembrance Day and why we wear a poppy. On Friday the nursery children joined with the reception classes for a special remembrance assembly and observed a two minute silence.


The Gruffalo – Nursery

Our topic for the term is ‘STICKS’.

This week we learnt all about nocturnal animals and their homes. During group time sessions we discussed that in nature, an animal that is mainly active during the daylight hours is a ‘diurnal’ animal. An animal that is most active during the night is ‘nocturnal’.

One of the children’s favourite stories was ‘The Gruffalo’. They enjoyed engaging in activities relating to this story. Outside the children went on a Gruffalo hunt to find the story characters that were hidden around the environment, which they then marked off on their sheets once they had found them.
With wooden bricks the children made some fantastic different sized 3D homes for the each of the animals.
Inside some of the children got creative with the junk modelling materials to construct a simple representation of a Gruffalo.


The children made their own special snack from the story – ‘Scrambled Snake’. (Jelly and jellied snake sweets). They got to see the changes that occurred when the jelly went from a liquid and then once set had become a solid.


Nursery Parents’ Meetings

Parents’ Appointments for Miss Jones’ Sunshine group will be held on Monday 20th November.
Parents’ Appointments for Miss Boulton’s Rainbow group will be held on Tuesday 21st November.

Letters have been sent home today. Please complete the slip and return it to nursery by Thursday 16th November at the latest. Appointments will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Remembrance Day

We have been learning all about Remembrance Day. Ask us why we wear poppies and see if we can tell you the answer. Why a poppy and not a daisy or a rose? We watched these videos to find out.  Our teachers were very proud of us because at 11am we managed to be silent and show our respects for two whole minutes.

Look at the wonderful poppies we made.

Reception – three ideas for homework this weekend.

  • Numeracy: At school this week we have been learning how to find one more and one less. You can use any objects to help you practise this. By the end of the year you should be able to answer questions without using objects e.g. what is one more than 7?  Which number is one less than 11?
  • The World: As we have been learning about Remembrance Day we would like you to talk about happy memories and unhappy memories. For example “I remember feeling happy when it was my birthday because I had a party” and “I remember feeling sad when I fell off my bike and grazed my knee.”  We would be very impressed if anyone managed to visit a war memorial this weekend to see the poppies.  Some of the children recognised the memorial at Victoria Park from a photograph.
  • Media and Materials:  We have been learning how to use colours for a purpose e.g. using red, green and black for poppies, using bright paint and glitter on a black background for fireworks, white chalk on black paper for skeletons.  Be creative and respond to a recent event or your favourite story in any way you please e.g. a painting, a model, a picture…but you must think carefully about the colours you use.

Next Tuesday we will be making bommyknockers and we will need lots of newspaper.  Can you help?

Parents’ Evening

Look out for the letter which was sent home today with reception children. Nursery appointments will be on a different date – letter to follow.